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Moving Out

Making your move.

Just like when you moved in, please follow the steps below when you move out. Remember to redirect your mail with Australia Post.


  • Make your move between 9:00am – 4:00pm, Monday to Sunday.

  • A week before moving out, email Jake (VBCS) with the following:

    • The date(s) and time(s) of your move.

    • Details of your removalists public liability insurance (e.g. a Certificate of Currency).

  • Jake will make sure protective covers are fitted to the lift and, if necessary, organise additional hard rubbish removal.

  • Photograph any pre-existing damage in the common area walkways you’ll use moving out of your apartment. 

  • Keep the driveway entrances clear. Council designated drop-off/pick-up short-term parking is available in Lynch Street at the rear of the property. 

  • Ensure the lift remains available for other residents and their visitors. Please don’t interfere with the lift sensors to hold the lift. 

  • Look out for fire sprinkler heads. There’s one above the door just inside your apartment. If it’s struck, you may receive a costly visit from the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.  MFB charges are paid for by the responsible party.

  • Maintain the security of our building and the safety of our residents as you move. If you need to keep a door open, have someone there to keep watch.

  • Throw out unwanted packaging materials using the bins on the lower ground level next to the lift. 

Please flatten boxes before placing them in the recycling bins. 

For more on rubbish and recycling, click here.

Note: The steps above are intended as a guide to help you meet your responsibilities. They do not replace your obligations under the Act, the Regulations or the Rules.

Moving Out: Text

Accidental Damage

In case of accidental damage, please:

  • Notify Jake (VBCS) about the accident including details of the damage and how it occurred.

  • Accompany your email with photos of the accidental and pre-existing damage.

  • If necessary, repairs or damage will be rectified and charged to the responsible party. 

  • Unreported damage identified by the Owners Corporation will be charged to the responsible lot owner. Including damage to the lift sensors.

Moving Out: Text
Moving Out: Text
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