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Who manages our block?

Everyone who owns an apartment in this block makes up the Owners Corporation.

The Owners Corporation has appointed Victorian Body Corporate Services to perform the functions of a manager. Jake Tudor is our Manager at Victorian Body Corporate Services. Jake (VBCS) works with the Owners Corporation Committee (the Committee) to carry out duties on behalf of the Owners Corporation (all owners). 

The Committee is a group of volunteers. They give up their time on behalf of all owners to support the smooth running of our apartment block. Together, the Committee and VBCS take responsibility for building administration, repairs and maintenance of common property and services on behalf of the Owners Corporation.

Please contact Jake (VBCS) when:

  • You’re arranging a move-in/move-out.

  • Notice a maintenance problem, safety or security issue that affects all residents.

  • If considering modifications or renovations to your apartment.

  • Anytime you’re unsure of your obligations under the Owners Corporation Act 2006 (the Act), Owners Corporation Regulations 2018 (the Regulations) or our Body Corporate Rules 1 Unlimited (PS512432Q) and Body Corporate Rules 2 – Limited (PS512432Q) (the Rules).

For more information about owners corporations, see Consumer Affairs Victoria.

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Parking is restricted to your parking lot(s). There is no visitor parking.

To find your car space(s), refer to the Plan of Subdivision in your Contract of Sale or ask your property manager.

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If you’re storing your bike outside your apartment, it must be kept on your parking lot or in your storage cage.

Unfortunately, bikes cannot be chained to storage cages because car parks and storage cages are located separately.

If your bike is chained to a storage cage, it risks damage to your bike occurring on common property. It also puts you at risk of being liable for damaging someone else's car.

The risks to residents and the Owners Corporation means you are prohibited from keeping your bike anywhere other than your private lot property.

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Each apartment has a personal storage cage. You can find its location on the Plan of Subdivision in your Contract of Sale or ask your property manager.

Check your contents insurance policy to see if it covers items stored in your storage cage. Strata insurance will not cover items stored in your storage cage.

Please don’t use common property to store personal items. Personal items are routinely removed from common property to keep the place free from health and safety hazards and looking good.

Note: The costs of disposing personal items may be charged to the relevant apartment owner.

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If you've got a pet, make sure it's kept on a lead or carried throughout common property.

When you’re with your pet, you may be asked to use the fire escape and car park instead of the lift and main entrance.

Pets that misbehave (e.g. noisy, aggressive, cause damage) may be given notice to leave by the Owners Corporation. If that happens, your pet cannot live here anymore.

See: Body Corporate Rules – Body Corporate No.2 Sec. 15 Pets and Animals.

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Block Rules

The owners corporation, lot owners, residents and tenants and sub-lessees are required to meet the obligations outlined in the following legal documents:

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