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Recycling Bottles

General Waste & Hard Rubbish

General Waste & Hard Rubbish: Resources and Tips

General Waste

On each floor, you'll find a bin chute in a small room adjacent to the lift. Use the chute to throw out your household waste.

Keep the chute clean. Make sure you bag your rubbish before you tip it down the chute. 

If your rubbish doesn't fit, take it down to the bin area next to the lift on the lower ground. 

Don’t be the person who blocks the chute.


The bin area is located on the lower ground next to the lifts.

The bins with yellow lids are for recycling. 

Flatten any boxes and recycle as much as you can - sticking to the rules set by Urban Waste.

  • Throw out polystyrene and e-waste at Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre in Camberwell

  • Dispose of soft plastics in REDcycle bins at Woolworths or Coles on Glenferrie Road. For a current listing of REDcycle locations, click here.

Note: Polystyrene and soft plastics cannot be recycled on-site. 

The Small Blue Bin

You’ll notice a small blue bin in the foyer next to the lift. 

That bin is there to make throwing out junk mail easy. It’s not for anything else.

Nobody likes a smelly foyer.

Hard Rubbish

Our building doesn't qualify for Boroondara Council's hard waste collections.

Urban Waste is the Committee's preferred provider for hard rubbish collections because they manage our general waste and recycling.

Contact: Leonardo Scalia (Co-Founder & General Manager)

Mobile: 0429 309 269


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